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Thread: Fixing crashing kdenlive on Ubuntu 13.10

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    Fixing crashing kdenlive on Ubuntu 13.10

    I have been trying to use `kdenlive` for video editing on Ubuntu 13.10 on it's standard desktop. However, when I try to detect scenes in the avi I just added, `kdenlive` crashes after some time (ca. half an hours, when half the video has been processed). It is not a problem with the file storage (disk error etc.), as I tried twice, without and with copying the file before starting the scene detection job.

    How to be able to fix this problem? How to find out if this is a problem with (i) Ubuntu (ii) kdenlive or (iii) the avi video file itself?

    I can provide more specific information on the used computer, software or avi on request.

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    Re: Fixing crashing kdenlive on Ubuntu 13.10

    I had a constant crash but only when clicking render.

    How big is your video file?
    Have you tried some small test files?

    How is your memory, have you checked at boot for errors?


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