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Thread: Wireless problem

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    Wireless problem

    Hello i have an Asus Eeepc 1015bx and i instaled Lubuntu 12.10 on it and my wireless connection keeps connecting and disconecting I have the Atheros AW-NE785H wireless card on it. What should i do to fix the problem?

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    Re: Wireless problem

    This may not solve your problem, but it did fix the same symptoms for me (also with Lubuntu 12.10). However, different wireless card in my case.


    Main Menu > Preferences > Network Connection > Wireless Tab

    Select your wireless connection, then Edit button.

    In the ipv6 settings tab,

    set Method = Ignore

    This had been set to something else on installation (alternate installer was used).

    After that, the connection was maintained with no further drops.

    Good luck
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    Re: Wireless problem
    This guy has a similar problem with the same card, see if any of those suggestions work for you
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    Re: Wireless problem

    I had the same or similar problem with lubuntu 12.10. Wireless was working fine shortly after install. When I came back to it after a download there was no connection and I could not reconnect.

    Possible solution:

    I had set lubuntu to log me in automatically when computer boots. I manually logged out and back in again. Shortly thereafter I was connected wirelessly again.

    Just did this - so don't know if it is a fluke, a temporary fix, or a solution.

    I had worked a couple days trying to figure out what was wrong.
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