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Thread: XRUNS - how to know if errors occur?

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    XRUNS - how to know if errors occur?

    Another user recently posted "I see an xrun every five minutes."

    I have looked high and low, on the home pages for JACK and QJACKQTL, and searched these forums, yet I still do not know how to tell if I am having XRUNS.

    Perhaps the QJackQtl panel has an indicator that is not labeled? I need to look at a log file? If I had any a window would pop up?

    This seems silly, but can I would like to know 2 things:
    1. how would I know if I had XRUNS (or other errors and how many)
    2. where is this documented
    my sig did not appear in the preview, and my system info is old, but I appreciate your help!
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    Re: XRUNS - how to know if errors occur?

    I always start JACk with Qjacktl. There you have message window where you can monitor xruns, also on the main window near timeclock there are also displayed numbers of xrun.
    If you look at this imageThe red numbers are xruns.


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