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Thread: Failure to launch Ubuntu Software Center

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    Failure to launch Ubuntu Software Center

    Hi, I'm new to Ubuntu and encountered a problem I could use some help with.
    I've tried installing the R statistics package using the Ubuntu Software Center, however when I try to launch it, I get an error message telling me that the application has closed unexpectedly.
    When I click details it states the problem is the ' ExecutablePath' and 'could not determine the package or source package name.'

    I've since managed to install R through:
    sudo apt-get install

    But I'd like the Software Center to run as well, as I'm still looking for a way to obtain the Rcmdr (GUI).

    I have a feeling I'm lacking some depencies, but I don't know how to find out which ones (if so). Either that or there may be something wrong with my specific Ubuntu build, as it'd be fair to say that I wasn't too sure of what I was doing (though I was flying on default as far as possible). Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: Failure to launch Ubuntu Software Center

    First, Welcome to Ubuntu and the forums!

    Installing with the Software Center or apt-get from the command prompt should give you the same result. Dependency handling is the same under-the-hood. I'm not sure why you had trouble when you installed through SC. Perhaps a verbatim quote of the error message would be helpful.

    The package name of the GUI you're looking for is r-cran-rcmdr, so you could install it thus:

    sudo apt-get install r-cran-rcmdr
    Again, you should be able to install it through SC and get the exact same result.
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    Re: Failure to launch Ubuntu Software Center

    You may find it better to use Synaptic Package Manager

    sudo apt-get install synaptic


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