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Thread: separate mic/headphone volume control

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    separate mic/headphone volume control

    I installed Ubunut 12.04 64 bit, and it seems I can not adjust volume separately for headphones and laptop speakers.
    If I plug my headphones in, I can hear sound through my headphones AND my speakers. I can not turn of the speakers, so I can listen music, in the same room where someone else is watching tv.
    In system settings - sound I can neither alter this setting as needed.

    Anyone an idea how to change of what software to install that would make this possible?
    (Hardware is HOP Pavilion dv7)

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    Re: separate mic/headphone volume control

    Install a mixer program that will allow you to control the various outputs and inputs.
    There are quite a few in the software centre
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    Re: separate mic/headphone volume control

    Insall PulseAudio Volume Control which works great for that.
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