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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    Hey everyone. My first post here, Just found your site. Nice thread, hope to learn a lot. Just started messing with Linux last week. Downloaded dsl on an old Dell that was about dead. Looking to run Ubuntu on my hp. Replace Windows 7. Any suggs??

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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    An old Dell with Windows 7 that's about dead can mean a wide range of hardware. Depending on your specs, you may be able to run Ubuntu or you may need to choose a lighter variant, like Xubuntu or Lubuntu. Specifics about your processor, RAM, and graphics card are needed to make that recommendation.

    Personally, I would urge you to go with 12.04. I know others would push for 12.10, but I think at this point 12.04 is still a better experience.

    Whichever route you go, you need to go into it with an open mind, knowing that a lot of things are done differently in Linux than they are in Windows. There are a lot of mindsets that must be re-learned.

    If you have around 20 GB HDD space still available, I would install Ubuntu alongside Windows (on its own partition, not the Windows installer). That way, you can ease your way into the world of Ubuntu.

    This probably doesn't need to be said, but just to be thorough: If "almost dead" means the hardware will fail, then Ubuntu won't fix that.
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