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Thread: "Flashing" cursor, installation holding still and more

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    "Flashing" cursor, installation holding still and more

    Hello everyone,

    I've been trying to migrate some of the PC's in my household to Linux. As Ubuntu is usually my go-to Linux dist., I tried it first, failing miserably as the minimal requirements for the standard Ubuntu are much higher than they used to be, and the PC's we're talking about are all roughly 7 years old.

    So after a small "research", I turned to Lubuntu; and I've been having more than one issue with each of these computers.

    I'm trying to install Lubuntu 12.10 x86 (Desktop CD IIRC? Pretty sure the alternate CD is dropped for v12.10 either way), burned on a simple ~700MB CD.

    Certain specs about the PCs:
    PC no. 1: 256MB RAM, 2 IDE HDDs (40GB and 80GB), originally with no OS installed.
    PC no. 2: 1GB RAM, 1 SATA HDD (~150GB), has Windows 7 installed on it.

    My issues (actual issues/important bits are bolded):
    1. On PC no. 1: During the installation, after the GUI actually loads up, I get to a menu where I can check 2 boxes dealing with updating during installation and downloading a certain driver for MP3 files. When I hit "continue", the installation simply won't progress even if I leave it that way for more than an hour.
    I previously could get past it, but then it somehow failed me in the next few times I tried to progress, so I tried to install Windows XP and then "override" it so Lubuntu would manage to get to the installation settings menu, but it's still stuck on the updates menu.

    2. On PC no. 1: Before I couldn't manage to get to the install options menu, I managed to choose an option that allowed me to remove the current OS (then defined as Windows XP), and install Lubuntu on a HDD of my choice. It started the installation, at some point it simply displayed an error which I'll recite if I ever manage to get into that stage of the installation again...

    3. On PC no. 2: The boot menu of the installation loads up, and lets me choose the desired language. I then press "Install Ubuntu". At that point, the screen looks different than the way it did on PC no. 1 as the loading screen seemed much more simplistic.
    Basically, the loading screen on PC no. 1 resembles this:
    While the loading screen on PC no. 2 resembles this:

    (Of course we're talking about 12.10 here, so it might be slightly different, but that's the general point).

    Once it's done loading (or so I think), the cursor appears for a second, then the screen goes black again, then the cursor appears...rinse and repeat. The screen around the cursor remains black constantly, as if it hasn't finished loading everything, but the cursor constantly disappears. Note: this issue persists on two different disc-drives.

    Additional information:
    *In the language select menu that pops up right when the disc boots up, I tend to choose Hebrew. However, the issues persist when I try to choose English (aka when I just try to press Enter when that menu appears without navigating to any other language).

    *Same goes for the updates and the MP3 "driver"; the issues persist whether or not I check those boxes.

    *In PC no. 1, I'm trying to install Lubuntu independently as the only OS on that computer. In PC no. 2, I'm trying to install it alongside Windows 7 on the same HDD (and possibly on the same partition as it currently only has a single partition, unless Lubuntu's installation can take care of that without reinstalling Windows 7).

    ***If there's any missing info here, please let me know!
    Thanks for reading, and cheers!
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    Re: "Flashing" cursor, installation holding still and more

    The alternate ISO is here:

    Only Ubuntu and Xubuntu dropped it. Kudos to Lubuntu for keeping.

    Please give a complete description of both computers, especially the CPU and screen card.
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