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Thread: Suspend unreliable... Is there a fix? [12.10]

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    Re: Suspend unreliable... Is there a fix? [12.10]

    Quote Originally Posted by idoitprone View Post
    ok. i am stump unless the kernel was not reading etc modules

    i guess i can suggest adding that line to grub default, but I believe it should be disable on default. I just wanted to test it on newer kernel because I do not really know.

    to undo what i did

    open the file browser as root
    go to
    /etc/modprobe.d and delete the i915 file
    I have a theory... Firstly... Could it be that your fix isn't working because of something to do with the fix I mentioned in my first post? Also, is it possible it could be because I haven't done chmod to give your script permission to run?

    Update: I was right!! I did sudo chmod 755 /etc/modprobe.d/i915.config and now suspend works!! The first couple times I tested it, it seems to be giving me the same internal error as before, although everything seemed to be working, but now it seems to of stopped. Now to try and fix this stupid phantom battery issue...
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