I've been using the daily build for months now, I really loved it initially.

Then I started using OS X and I realized they "borrowed" just too many things from it for my liking

I know the running joke is that Luna is just a rip off of OS X, but the truth is that it actually is in many ways:

Theme style - the polished silver gradient look is the first thing that makes people think you are using OS X. It's a good look though so I can see why many would want to use it

Pantheon Files - Very similar to OS X's Finder except it lacks very basic features like search

Pantheon Notify - Not yet implemented in Luna (probably Luna+1) however I have seen videos of it and they basically want to implement a Notification Center that slides in on the right. Similar to Mountain Lion

Midori - They are putting in a "page slide" transition when you click the back and forward arrows. Similar to Safari

Switchboard - Literally almost identical to the OS X System Preferences

Workspace switcher - The way it appears on the bottom of the screen seems similar to Mission Control

And I'm sure there are a bunch of other subtle similarities

My point: I like OS X and Luna. But if I want something pretty and functional I'm going with OS X. Luna looks cute but it has a long way to go. I personally don't think Luna will be very impressive, Luna+1 will likely be much better when they get around to fixing all the little details.