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Thread: Alsa - What is wrong my simple default setup?

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    Alsa - What is wrong my simple default setup?


    I am running minimal Ubuntu 12.04 with openbox. The system does not have any pulseaudio stuff.

    I just installed a Soundblaster Audigy card. Ubuntu automatically recognized the card and installed the driver.

    $ cat /proc/asound/cards

    0 [PCH
    1 [CA0106

    $ aplay -L

    $ speaker-test -c6 -twav -Dsurround51:CARD=CA0106

    This works perfectly. Each speaker works as expected.

    Now, I just want CA0106 to be my default. So I created ~/.asoundrc with the following lines:

    pcm.!default {
    type hw
    card CA0106

    ctl.!default {
    type hw
    card CA0106

    After the reboot, I tried the following command:

    $ speaker-test -c6 -twav

    Playback device is default
    Stream parameters are 48000Hz, S16_LE, 6 channels
    WAV file(s)
    Channels count (6) not available for playbacks: Invalid argument
    Setting of hwparams failed: Invalid argument

    I am confused. Why doesn't this work? Is there something wrong with my .asoundrc definition?

    Appreciate your help.


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    Re: Alsa - What is wrong my simple default setup?

    The hw device does not support auto channnel num & rate conversion.
    If you send 48K stereo it might work..

    You want the surround5.1 (6 PCM to discrete analogue outputs) to be default.

    Try this for a guess:
    pcm.!default {
       @args.0 SLAVE
       @args.SLAVE {
                   type string
                   default "surround51"
       type route
       slave {
             pcm $SLAVE
             channels 6
       ttable {
         0.0= 1
         1.1= 1
         2.2= 1
         3.3= 1
         4.4= 1
         5.5= 1

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    Re: Alsa - What is wrong my simple default setup?

    Note that your onboard audio has index 0, so it may be easier to set your soundblaster to index 0 (or for really easy solution, disable onboard audio on BIOS).


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