I've been using Ubuntu since 9.10 and have stuck with it through the shift to Unity. I am currently using 12.10 64 bit. Due to various problems and clutter I've just performed another fresh install of 12.10 to start from scratch.

The default graphics driver is the Noveau display driver. Using Additional Drivers menu in the Software Sources application I moved the driver to the nVidia current proprietary tested driver. After reboot, the screen goes into low res mode with no Dash side pannel or any other bars, just the desktop can be seen. Ctrl-Alt-F2 turns the screen black with no prompt and Ctrl-Alt-F7 does not bring the desktop back. The RMB on the desktop works, where I found my way into the settings and set it back to the Noveau display driver.

Ctrl+Alt+T will also bring up the terminal emulator.

I have tried installing the recent nVidia driver from the nVidia website. After rebooting the Unity bar, start button, clock etc did come up, but in a low resolution mode that was also very sluggish. I've had the same with both the 64 and 32 bit versions of Ubuntu 12.10, the NVIDIA drivers were 304.64, 64 and 32 bit, respectively.

Using Oracle's VirtualBox, the window switcher function of the sidebar (the 2nd click of the icon thing) locks up the graphics for several seconds (while streaming sound may be running in the background for awhile until it, too, stops. It resumes after some 20 seconds but will lock up again when the same window switcher function is used.

It may be noteworthy that running KDE Plasma desktop on Ubuntu, I did not have any such stability issues.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a solid and working graphics driver or a fix of this problem? Thanks