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Thread: AMD card not detected

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    AMD card not detected

    I'm having an issue with 12.10 and a brand new XMG gaming laptop. Essentially it has a 7970m and Intell HD 4000 with switchable graphics. It offers me the AMD driver through the additional drivers menu but after installation and reboot, clicking the Catalyst configuration says no AMD card is detected.

    My best guess is that its because its only seeing the HD 4000 since I had similar issues in Windows 7 for awhile. Anyone got any idea how to resolve?

    edit: To resolve in Windows 7 I first updated/installed the Intel drivers then rebooted and installed the AMD drivers 2nd.

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    Re: AMD card not detected

    It seems impossible or really difficult.


    Looks like I'd be stuck with just the HD 4000 on Linux. Not solved but doubt I'll get a fix.


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