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Thread: Nvidia driver crashing

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    Nvidia driver crashing

    I have a Nvidia 9600 GT card on Ubuntu 12.04 where I'm trying to run the proprietary Nvidia drivers, but it keeps crashing my system. I've re-installed 12.04 a few times trying various methods to get it working but to no avail.

    I've installed the driver and blacklisted nouveau. I've tried a few different methods for installing the driver but they all seem to result in the same issues.

    The most consistant issue is system locking up after closing any games, it might return after waiting 15 minutes or so. I've tried different games and they run perfectly, issue only occurs when coming back to the desktop. Another symptom is that I sometimes log into my desktop just to see the wallpaper and then it loops back to the login window and my second attempt will work. Also sometimes the screen will flicker and the mouse will lock up just as I'm starting any program, even something as simple as terminal.

    Any suggestions on what the issue may be, or error logs that might lead me to what the problem is would be greatly helpfull.


    P.S. I've been most often trying to install the 304.60 driver from Nvidia, but have tried a few others.

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    Re: Nvidia driver crashing

    I am also having this problem but it happens to me randomly when im playing a game. Its quite frustrating. Im also using a GeForce 9600 and updated my graphics driver yesterday.
    Worked fine before that.


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