Hi everyone!

I am currently running Ubuntu 12.10 on my Toshiba laptop and I am dual-booting it with Windows 7.

WiFi connection on Windows 7 is great, it occasionally drops the line, but rarely and it takes only a second to log back in again to my Uni's WiFi.

Ubuntu however has recently been acting up, with the result that it almost constantly drops a number of WiFi network connections (home, university etc). Sometimes it will hold it for 10 minutes, but then it is gone again. The other really frustrating and potentially interesting thing about this problem is the fact that Ubuntu doesn't think it is connected to the Internet, even when it is! I am currently using the Internet, obviously, but when I look at the WiFi symbol in the top right hand corner of my desktop the symbol is completely grey and when I click on it it says the WiFi connection point is disconnected...??

Some help on this tricky subject would be greatly appreciated!