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Thread: How ideological are you about Linux?

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    Re: How ideological are you about Linux?

    I have spent most of my adult life working in the third world hopefully improving the life opportunities of many young people and we do get passionate about things.

    Am I passionate about Civil Defence?, do I think Red cross is a worthy crusade? Yes, they are both something I am passionate about and give energy to, they have real life outcomes for people in real need.
    I happen to be passionate about open-source because I believe it can have real life outcomes for people in real need. I believe that the world needs free software and this can and will make a difference to the lives of real people.

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    Perhaps I can give an example.

    I helped a friend setting up a system for a mission (St Katherines I think.) They had been given 30 odd PCs running Windows XP. Having no network etc the inevitable happened and the PCs were full of viruses and a complete mess. We set-up a FreeBSD server openldap nfs squid etc with Ubuntu workstations my friend can administer the server from Maseru over ssh and the the system has been working well for a three years.

    The alternative as MS refuse to give educational licences in Lesotho would have been pirated Windows and a mess. Here is free software making a real difference to peoples lives. Open-source needs advocates and defending
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