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Thread: Window decoration missing

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    Question Window decoration missing

    could not see any window decorator
    i remember i have change some configuration in gconf-editor
    and now if i logout my user and login to another user i have no window decoration also if i create new user account the default window decorator is missing and its have no theme
    i try look at ubuntu-tweak and found no gtk themes & window themes (its both grayed out) in themes configuration
    i tried to change from gconf-editor in apps>metacity>general set compositing manager to true but found no result
    i also launch terminal and create start-up application with command "metacity --replace" (without quote) it dont work
    i tried compiz --replace and enabled window decoration in ccsm still no window decoration

    Please Helppppp....

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    Re: Window decoration missing

    If you're using Unity 3D you're using Compiz, not metacity- you can probably change it from compiz-config-manager or some other such application (been a while since I've run Unity).

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