I have a computer assisted safety training program that I am trying to get working in Lubuntu. It was originally built to be run on a mac or pc and I didnt build it so I dont have the code. It was made with macromedia projector and requires quicktime to run the embedded videos. I installed wine and proceeded to install quicktime with no problem. When you right click on the .exe file and run under Wine, it actually tell you that it requires Quicktime to work and will install Quicktime for you.

My problem lies when I run the program (executable). It loads fine, but when each module starts there is typically an embedded explanation video with a multiple choice question. Everything works fine (ability to pick a question and answer, go to the next question, exit program, etc) but where the video is supposed to be is just a black screen. The audio for the video plays no problem but there is no video. I cannot right click on the screen to view any flash parameters either. Outside of the actual program, when I look up any of the videos (.mov), I can double click them and quicktime runs them fine (with both audio and video). It just doesnt work within the executable itself.

The computer is about 10 years old so I thought maybe I should install a previous version of flash to be compatible with the video card. I installed FLash 8 (maybe too new still) and nothing was fixed. Further to that, Flash says it installed fine but I cant find it under the "C:/" drive of Wine. This is my first installation of a Linux O/S so I am very new to this. Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.