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Thread: I really screwed up. Password help

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    Exclamation I really screwed up. Password help

    Ok so I have had a Ubuntu machine that has been collecting dust. I had used it extensively but then I switched drives and motherboards and this one box just became a paperweight as I focused on my new machine. Skip forward 2 years. I was looking for some family pictures and I couldn't find them on my new computer. So I went to the old computer and I came to the unfortunate realization that I had forgotten the password to this this box. Well sort of. I know the password but in my attempt to make my password secure I included some 'leet speak' letters in it.

    Now I can't for the life of me remember the combo I used. As an example:

    ApplesTeas I used @pp1es7eas or something like that (that is not my actual pw).

    Anyway, this is the GRUB password to unlock the HD. I used drive encryption when I set it up. I tried for upwards to an hour to remember what my password was, trying different combos but ultimately I found myself completely confused about which combinations I had tried and which ones I hadn't. I know this is getting into the realm of hacking but is there a way to generate a list and to use that list to try passwords automatically. A script of something. I can do it manually if there is not but just creating a list would be helpful as I could cross it off after I tried it. There are too many combos for me to write it out manually. I would guess maybe a couple of hundred.

    Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to get some scanned pictures of my Grandmother when she was younger. She just passed and I want them for her funeral.

    thank you in advance.

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    Re: I really screwed up. Password help

    I believe this is what your looking for

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    Re: I really screwed up. Password help


    ...I used drive encryption when I set it up...
    By this do you mean Full Disk Encryption? As if so then without the correct pass-phrase you will have little chance of extracting any useful data from you machine.


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