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Thread: KDM not bringing the GUI up

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    KDM not bringing the GUI up

    Good evening,

    I am using Kubuntu Precise 12.04 in my Acer Aspire 5600 (have been for quite awhile now). After running Muon Pkg Mgr today my system will not fully open to the KDE desktop. It boots, shows the rectangle w/Gear and dots under it (doing their course of events) then blinks out to a blank screen. Ctrl/Alt/F1 gets me the command line. I suspect the KDE is in fact running in the back ground as when I have the command line I entered "sudo start kdm" and I get a response stating the job is already running. I can see the indicator light for an Internet connection blinking as well. Pushing the start buttons shuts the system down. Any assistance in getting the GUI back will be most appreciated....
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