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Thread: Custom Right-Clicks

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    Custom Right-Clicks

    How can I add custom commands ( e.g. append to ~filename.txt, send to, send to, not my cup of tea) to the shell's right click context menu? I'm using lxde at the moment and can only find such wizardry connected to file managers (PacmanFM, Nautilus) but this wants to be system wide so I can do this with URL's from browsers and the like.

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    Re: Custom Right-Clicks

    It is the file manager that handles the desktop so any additions to the context menu would have to be done there. If the have file manager handle desktop feature is turned of in the Gnome Tweak Tool there is no context menu at all. Send To only allows email as an option as you have probably noticed.
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    Re: Custom Right-Clicks

    Thanks for the tips. I've found an option in Thunar which allows something like what I'm looking for however:

    Quote Originally Posted by kerry_s View Post
    thunar does not need to be started cause it does not manage the desktop.
    I have PCMnaFM enabled at the moment, and don't really want to disable/remove it unless I can achieve what I'm looking for (right click > paste to..., within the desktop environment), which that quote indicates that I won't.

    I'm guessing this sort of thing is hard coded in lxde.


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