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Thread: Blank screen after returning from standby / text console

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    Blank screen after returning from standby / text console


    I have following problem: Everytime I return from stand-by the display is totally black, just the background light seems to be activated.
    The same happens when I switch back from the text console to the graphical interface. E.g. I switch to console 2 with ctrl+alt+F2, then back with ctrl+alt+F7 and the screen is totally black. I'm not sure if the graphical interface is still there somewhere, but just not on the screen... When I switch back to the text console I can restart with the shutdown command and everything seems to be fine after the restart until standby/consoles are activated again...

    I have the following system:
    OS Version: Linux 3.2.0-24-generic-pae
    KDE SC Version 4.8.5

    I had a very similar problem some time ago:
    I'm basically still on the same system. But my solution doesn't seem to help anymore...
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