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Thread: Photoshop with Virtualbox

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    Re: Photoshop with Virtualbox

    Sounds like you're trying to use the clone stamp tool, but you haven't selected anything as your source. Try using a layer with content as the source and alt-clicking to define the source to copy/clone from first.

    "Impossible to use buffer because the duplicate zone is not defined (alt-clic to define one source point)

    This will likely be this error:

    Could not use the clone stamp because the area to clone has not been defined (Alt-click to define a source point).

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    Re: Photoshop with Virtualbox

    Quote Originally Posted by neophus View Post
    I've found the problem ! I must to disable mouse integration and it works, but I must to do that each time when I restart my VM but it's better than nothing...

    thanks for you help
    only if you dont check the box to say dont show this again or disable the absolute pointer in the guest settings.

    However i have noticed in some Linux VM's this doesnt apply
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