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Thread: 3.5g v7.2 modem connect problem

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    Question 3.5g v7.2 modem connect problem

    ubuntu 12.04 laptop hp c2d /2gb ram
    intex usb modem speed 3.5g v7.2
    when i connect the modem to laptop nothing happen

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    Re: 3.5g v7.2 modem connect problem

    What have you done to try to make something happen? If the USB modem was plugged into the laptop when you installed UBuntu then it would have been recognised by the operating system and modules/drivers for that modem would have been installed and they would be loaded each time the OS was booted.

    But if you are plugging in a USB modem after Ubuntu has been installed then Ubuntu may not have a module loaded to do anything with the modem. Are you plugging the modem in before or after you boot Ubuntu?
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    Re: 3.5g v7.2 modem connect problem

    The problem is that this modem does not switch automatically from a USB storage device to a USB Modem. Here is a simple solution.
    Download This File

    Now Extract it and execute the IntexModem program. This will configure your modem to be used with Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Crunchbangnor other Debian based OS.
    You will have to run this program everytime you plug in the modem. To make things simpler, you can put it in /usr/local/bin directory and run it just by typing IntexModem in a terminal.
    Note:- You may have to wait 1-2 minutes for your modem to be recognised in Network Manager.


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