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Thread: Installation Help - OpenAstro

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    Installation Help - OpenAstro

    I am a Linux Newbie. I just installed Ubuntu v 12.04.1, having tried out Suse Linux back in 2008. Currently using Windows 7, and wanting to get away from it.

    I am trying to install Open Astro v 1.1.25
    I have managed to download the software, as the file is in the Software Center, but am unclear about how to install it.
    When I tried opening through the Ubuntu Software Center (double click on the file) I get a page describing the openastro features, with the following message:
    Dependency is not satisfiable: python 2.6

    I installed Oneiric I-386, because I wasn't sure which one, only that Oneiric represented the latest version on that download page. I have an AMD processor, but it is not 64 (32 I think). Anyway, I went to the Terminal and typed in the following commands listed at the bottom of the download page (see openastro link above):


    tar -xzf openastro.org_1.1.25.orig.tar.gz


    sudo ./ install

    It seemed to download everything fine, and then I found the file on the software page when I searched for it, and it was also in my dash folder. But then I got the error message.

    Is Python the problem?

    Anyone know where I can go from here?
    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Installation Help - OpenAstro

    The Oneiric package has broken dependencies that have to be corrected for the .deb to install.

    1. Download the Oneiric installation package for your system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) from OpenAstro website. You can check the architecture of your system by typing in the terminal window:

    uname -i
    2. Unpack the file (right click, select unpack).

    3. In the unpacked folder navigate to 'DEBIAN' and find the file 'control'. Double-click it to edit.

    4. From the line beginning with 'Depends:' delete 'python2.6,'. Save and exit.

    5. In the unpacked folder navigate to 'usr/bin' and find the file ''. Double-click and select edit.

    6. In the first line change '/usr/bin/python2.6' to '/usr/bin/python'. Save and exit.

    7. Re-pack the deb package by opening a terminal window, changing dir to where you saved the .deb (e.g. Desktop) and typing:

    dpkg-deb -b openastro.org_1.1.25-0ubuntu1~oneiric_amd64
    8. If everything went well just install the package by double-clicking on it.



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