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Thread: Guide: How to Install Ubuntu 12.10 with newer Nvidia cards

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    Guide: How to Install Ubuntu 12.10 with newer Nvidia cards


    I am posting this because I want to share my way of installing Ubuntu 12.10 x64 with a newer Nvidia card. The problem happens on install with 12.04 and 12.10 x64. The problems with nouveau drivers that prevent progress to an install screen or really to do anything. They just don't seem to work well with the newer cards. I always used an alternate install CD but that is no longer an option. This is a step by step guide how to install Ubuntu 12.10 x64 with a new Nvidia card with out any kind of rigging to get it to work (installing on another computer transferring hard drive or installing with another video card) NOTE: I have no clue if this works with 32bit or that this is even a problem. I found out this way of doing it by finding so many different post across the internet, about 30 installs, and just blind luck. I have this process down in my head and I have done it about 10 times so far with it always turning out the same way. I also can't be much help as I don't know that much about Linux, I just some how get things done that I want. I hope this is a problem other people are having or I will feel a little awkward typing all this up or that this same guide exists some where else.. If this is helpful please spread it around so others can find this. I had no luck Googling this issue as Nvidia Ubuntu Install Freeze etc is flooded with so many other issues.

    (updated to larger images)

    Boot from your Ubuntu 12.10 x64. Once the Ubuntu screen pops up hit F8 quickly. Choose your language.

    Next hit F6 to bring up other options and select nomodeset and hit ESC.

    Install Ubuntu as you normally would. It will be in a low graphics setting. I choose not to install updates or third party programs during install. You can do this after the install. Lets make sure you pull out as many things that can go wrong during install. We already are having enough issues as is.

    Reboot computer.

    During the BIOS boot up hold down your shift key until the grub boot menu pops up. Select Advanced options for Ubuntu.

    Next select Recovery Mode

    In recovery mode now just select resume normal boot.

    You will get a warning about graphical drivers, this is what we want, just hit OK

    Now just login.

    Open Firefox and navigate to Nvidia's website and download the proper drivers. This will differ for you depending on your card, for me it was 500 series Linux-64x.

    You may get a few errors along the way just click Leave Closed.

    Navigate to where you downloaded your file. Right click on the file and go to properties.

    Change the permissions so you can execute the file.

    Next we need to edit a file so open a terminal window by either Ctrl+Alt+T or through unity.

    PHP Code:
    sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    Navigate to the bottom of the file and insert the following code.
    PHP Code:
    blacklist amd76x_edac  #this might not be required for x86 32 bit users.
    blacklist vga16fb
    blacklist nouveau
    blacklist rivafb
    blacklist nvidiafb
    blacklist rivatv

    Save and exit editor.

    Now type the following commands
    PHP Code:
    sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia

    PHP Code:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential

    PHP Code:
    sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r
    If for some reason (name -r) part does not work just type uname -r and copy what it prints out to the end of linux-headers-

    Once finished with that close your terminal and logout of Ubuntu

    Once at the login screen press Ctrl+Alt+F1 which will bring you to command promt. Type in your username and password.

    Type in the following command to stop x-server.
    PHP Code:
    sudo service stop lightdm

    Navigate to your download directory or where ever you saved your drivers from Nvidias website.
    PHP Code:
    cd Downloads

    Now lets execute the drivers. (??? = what ever version you downloaded) A quick tip for less typing just type sudo ./N then hit your tab key.
    PHP Code:
    sudo ./NVIDIA-LINUX-x??_??-???.??.run

    Click Accept

    Might say script failed ignore and hit ok.

    Should start building your drivers.

    Yes to 32bit OpenGL drivers, even though the picture says no.
    The 32bit openGL stuff is important to 64bit users with 32bit apps including wine.. Thanks BicyclerBoy

    Click Yes for nvidia-xconfig

    Next screen should ask for some clean up, click ok.

    You should now be back at the command prompt. Now reboot.

    PHP Code:
    sudo reboot 
    Everything "should" work.

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