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Thread: XP mode

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    XP mode

    A little off-topic, but thought this resource might be good to ask for a little assistance...

    My business restricts XP mode for Windows Virtual PC.

    I could, as I was told, install a full version of XP in a virtual drive. I am trying to do this with a personal Windows XP disk, but am getting the error message:

    Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device

    I've gone into the BIOS for the Virtual PC and changed the boot order to start with the CD-ROM (where my XP installation disk is). This brings up the same error message.

    I have also gone into the Virtual PC Settings to ensure that the DVD Drive is pointing to the real, physical drive.

    I have also tried VMware, but am getting the error "Operating System not found"
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