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Thread: can't see "sent" emails in thunderbird gmail

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    can't see "sent" emails in thunderbird gmail

    I'm using thunderbird 16.0.2 on (L)Ubuntu 11.10 with Under Edit, Account Settings, Copies and Folders in Thunderbird I've ticked Place a Copy in Other, then selected "Sent on Local Folders"

    Using the terminal I can find and cat sent messages in /home/k/.thunderbird/4ope6mob.default/Mail/Local Folders/Sent

    But they don't display in Thunderbird.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: can't see "sent" emails in thunderbird gmail

    Is your googlemail account set up for IMAP or POP3? That is done from the googlemail web site. IMAP is easiest, because Thunderbird can automatically detect all the settings you have set up on the googlemail web site. Be sure IMAP is enabled on the gmail web site.


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