Hey guys, just got a new motherboard for my build. Asus M4A89GTD/Pro USB3 and tried installing ubuntu 12.10 from flash and from disk and received various crashes from it. Upon further researching I was informed I would need to update my BIOS via USB. So I found it and booted into it and started the flash bios update. It was almost complete until it just froze and stayed that way for about 30 min. I was told that if it hangs just let it go about its business. However, it finished and restarted but now when it boots, nothing is displayed on the monitor. The power is good, and all the components on the board start up and what not, the Cpu, fans, Hdd, etc... but nothing on the screen at all, in fact, the monitor light is yellow, for mine that means, idle or no connection. I have a program called Spotmau powersuite gold, that is supposed to fix blue screen and black screen crashes easily. I have burnt the .iso to a usb, but how am I supposed to boot from usb when i can't even see the bios screen?
any help would be awesome!!