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Thread: Connecting to NAS

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    Connecting to NAS

    Hiya, Ubuntu Noob here...

    I installed Mint on a PC and straight up, i can see my NAS in Nautilus, 'browse network'. Why is this not the case with Ubuntu?

    I've read a million 'solutions' but i don't know which one to apply, i've tried a couple and they didn't seem to work (it's been a while since i've jumped back into Ubuntu, having been too busy to continue to waste precious hours investigating it - so i don't remember which. One was something to do with the hosts or lmhosts).

    Connecting manually works, so there is no access issue, it just refuses to show my NAS in Nautilus unless i manually map to it using smb://ip address.

    I'm as interested to know why i have to do anything at all when i don't in Mint, as i am in fixing it.

    I'm trying so hard to get into Linux, but things like this just take too much time when it should just work.

    Edit: damn, sorry my title is so bad if anyone can fix it please replace with "Can't see NAS in Nautilus without manually mapping".
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