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Thread: VDPAU persisting problem

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    Re: VDPAU persisting problem

    Decoding that 1080 download is no problem for CPU..the datarate is not very high. It is very low.
    My HD video is typically 5GB/hr.

    You need to setup mplayer to use a diff decoder.
    Can not use -vc ffh264vdpau.

    A core2duo can decode/play a BD without trouble..
    It is any post-processing that is power hungry (de-interlacing/scaling/denoise/sharpening) & you do not need to do any of that..

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    Re: VDPAU persisting problem

    Well, ok, if You say so, I'll try it, but after your last post I tried using a different decoder and didn't have any luck, in fact it lagged just as much as any other decoder, I used VDPAU for Video Ouput of course, but still, I will test it. Thanks.

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