Hope no one minds me asking 2 questions here...

anyway, issue #1.
I have windows 7 and Ubuntu installed as dual operating systems. Grub pops up on startup and the default is Ubuntu. My family uses the same PC, so I'd like to make the default system loaded to be windows.
I found some info on how to rearrange it but it confused me seriously.
How can I go about changing the boot order in grub? You'll have to walk me through step by step, as I am greener than the greenest newbie when it comes to terminology.

issue #2.
I have a Hanns-G Hi-221 22" LCD monitor, and when Ubuntu loads, after I have logged in, the monitor goes haywire and I have to restart. In order to get it to work properly I have go into advanced options, and then the icons are huge and the desktop extends beyond the edge of the monitor by about 1/2"
How can I adjust the monitor settings?

Thanks in advance!