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Thread: Twin Cities Linux Users Group meeting notice

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    Twin Cities Linux Users Group meeting notice

    This months meeting will be
    Saturday November 17th at TIES,
    1667 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55108
    from 10:00am to 12:00pm
    (See the web site for directions and more
    Not Your Mother’'s Raspberry Pi
    presented by Richard Isaacson

    The Raspberry Pi is a single-board ARM based computer designed with the
    intention of stimulating the teaching of basic computer science in
    schools. It was six years from when the original concept formed in 2006,
    by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, to when it shipped in April 2012. As it
    was released there was an overwhelming response from not just
    educational institutions but from corporations and individuals. Initial
    stocks were sold out immediately and as of September 2012 over 500,000
    units have been sold.
    The currently available Model B board is powered by a 700 Mhz ARMv6
    processor with 512 MByte of RAM, a Broadcom GPU(Composite RCA, HDMI and
    DSI outs), Audio(3.5mm and HDMI out), SD on-board storage, 10/100
    Ethernet, and dual USB ports. As of today it can run multiple Linux
    distributions as well as RISC OS and is capable of driving video at
    1080p. The board is available for purchase for $35.
    This talk will cover the following topics:
    A brief history of the Raspberry Pi.
    Why education should care about the Raspberry Pi.
    Why corporations should care about the Raspberry Pi.
    Why individual makers have created an enthusiastic fanbase.
    Demonstrations of what you can do with your board.

    Richard Isaacson has spent twelve years of his professional career at a
    local e-commerce company; Digital River, Inc. His last fourteen months
    have been spent as a Software Engineer slinging Java for payments group.
    Previously he was a Senior Systems Engineer for the Unix group. In his
    spare time he likes to learn at least a little about everything.
    Hope your able to make it!

    *** STREAMING ***
    If you can't make it you can use this url to stream the meeting.

    You should be able to connect with either:
    mplayer mms://

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