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Thread: hostapd with nl80211 on Realtek 8192C chipset

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    hostapd with nl80211 on Realtek 8192C chipset


    I have Airlink 101 Ultra Mini USB stick which ahs the Realtek 8192 chipset. To make it work I got the driver RTL8188C_8192C_8192D_USB_linux_v3.4.2_3727.2012040 4. I was able to successfully use the USB stick in STA (Infrastructure) mode. We were also successfully turn it into an access point with hostapd. But while using with hostapd we had to use the driver rtl871xdrv, see the scaled down (minimal) config file below:

    NOTE: This works.
    But now I want to use the nl80211 driver in the hostapd for some reasons.
    But when I compile the hostapd with the nl80211 and use it the hostapd doesn't start. The driver initialization fails. Putting prints inside the code and libnl debug prints show that on "nl_recvmsgs()" I get ENODEV error. What is this supposed to mean ??

    Also further digging shows the nl80211 can be used only with the devices which use softmac and the mac80211 APIs in driver. I dont know whether the driver of rtl8192c is based on the mac80211 framework or not ?!!
    Can anybody help me confirm this ????!!!!

    When I see whether the 8192c.ko module depends on the mac80211 or not I get the following result:

    for m in $(lsmod|grep "^rt\|^mac\|^cfg"|awk '{print $1}');do echo -n "$m :";modinfo "$m"|grep depends;done
    mac80211 :depends:        cfg80211
    cfg80211 :depends:
    It doesn't. Please help. I need to get this working for my board but first m trying with my PC. Not: AP also works in board.

    Some may be useful results:

    Module Size Used by
    8192cu 493872 0
    mac80211 205402 0
    cfg80211 126144 1 mac80211
    binfmt_misc 6587 1
    snd_hda_codec_realtek 203440 1
    fbcon 35102 71

    Please help.

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    Re: hostapd with nl80211 on Realtek 8192C chipset

    Anybody any idea ?????

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    Re: hostapd with nl80211 on Realtek 8192C chipset

    Okay now m getting the following error:

    Failed to create interface mon.wlan0.
    nl80211 driver initialization failed.
    wlan0: Unable to setup interface.

    I figure out that mon.wlan0 is the monitor interface that hostapd sets up for monitoring the frames. But why the setup fails I can't understand ???


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