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Thread: Why Doesn't Mac Microsoft office work on ubuntu?

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    Re: Why Doesn't Mac Microsoft office work on ubuntu?

    Quote Originally Posted by mips View Post

    OS X is fully posix compliant. Linux & BSD not so much and I suspect linux to be less than BSD but at the same time I also suspect it's a certification thing where those with the money to certify trumps all.

    Thing with compliance is you have to pay money for a compliance certificate and you have to do it for every single release you put out there so for open source stuff where money is tight it does not make a whole lot of sense to go down the compliance/certification road.
    Linux goes by the Linux Standard Base instead. LSB is based mostly on POSIX standards, along with some other open standards, but it extends it.
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    Re: Why Doesn't Mac Microsoft office work on ubuntu?

    Office is the number one reason why many companies wont ditch Windows for Linux.

    Open Office made some inroads, but most workers prefer Office. Outlook is also by far the most popular email client used in big companies. The Linux alternatives aren't on par with Outlook because they don't communicate well with Exchange Server which is already in use by most big companies.

    I refused to move the desktops in the company I worked at for the last four years to Ubuntu, specifically for these reasons. Linux on the desktop isn't ready for big corporations, mainly because of the lack of Microsoft Office.

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