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Thread: Softlanding Linux System

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    Softlanding Linux System

    (I don't know if the prefix is correct; I know that "OtherOS" describes the OtherOS option that used to be on the PS3, but since there's not simply an "Other" option, it'll have to do...)

    For those who don't know, Softlanding Linux System was arguably the first fully-featured (though buggy as hell) Linux distribution, and was the inspiration for Debian, Yggdrasil, and Slackware (and by "inspiration", I mean it was so doggone awful that those three distros were formed to take its place).

    Has anyone here used it? I'm interested in picking some brains on it and seeing what hardware it's been successful on. For me, I've managed to get it to run fine on a Compaq Presario 1210 - an ancient machine well-suited to ancient operating systems like SLS - but have been having weird issues (namely, that changing the root password causes logins to fail and that for some reason the mouse is jittery in X with both the touchpad and an external PS/2 mouse).
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    Re: Softlanding Linux System

    I have not tried it but I believe the reason that PV forked SLS was that he believed there were major flaws in it and Peter MacDonald was not prepared to address many of these issues. Not one I would probably experiment with...
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