I really like Clementine as a music player, but there's an issue with my iPod classic. I can't find any way in Clementine to sort the tracks by album.

Unless I'm missing something very obvious, it seems to be a limitation in Clementine. (One could call it a pointless and arbitrary limitation.) If I go to the Library, there is a search bar at the top of the list, and an icon that opens a menu, where one of the options is "group by," where I've selected Album and everything is great. This bar disappears when I open the iPod, and there is no option to "group by" how I like.

I listen to a lot of classical music, where it's common for one album to contain several pieces by the same composer, but the pieces might be for different instruments. Online track listings typically enter the performer(s) as "artist," meaning that one album may have multiple artists. If I want to listen to the album, the tracks are split up among different artists.

So, while I'm not exactly crazy about rhythmbox, I have to keep it around.

Am I missing something, or should I log a feature request for Clementine?