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Thread: Can't watch videos in Ubuntu

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    Can't watch videos in Ubuntu

    This is a problem I've been experiencing for a long time now. When I first got this Linux box from my brother, I could download a video file onto my computer and watch it just fine. Videos worked for a while, then suddenly one day when I tried to play a video file, there was no image, just a green screen (in the player) and the sound. I tried installing VLC player, hoping that would fix it, but I have the exact same problem in VLC. This has been going on for over a year now. I can stream videos just fine, but if I download the video I was just streaming, and try to play it from my HD, I have the same problem. If I put the file on a flash drive and play it on my girlfriend's Windows computer, it works just fine.

    When the problem first began, I tried installing a codec pack, thinking it might be a codec problem, but that didn't seem to change anything. I've updated VLC every time updates are released, still no fix. I'm totally at a loss here.

    I'm currently running Ubuntu 11.10, but I've had this problem since Ubuntu 10.10, across updates.

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    Re: Can't watch videos in Ubuntu

    Have you installed all codec packs. Just search "gstreamer" in software center and install everything with "gstreamer".

    When did you do the last ubuntu software update?


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    Re: Can't watch videos in Ubuntu

    All I have for you is a general answer that may help.

    The restricted-extras are already prepackaged, no need to load them one at a time.

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    Re: Can't watch videos in Ubuntu

    @ Halbblutplins:
    Four entries for gstreamer show up and all four are already installed.

    @ ibjsb4:
    I'm not sure what that link has to do with anything. My problem is not being able to capture video. My problem is being able PLAY the video once I have it on my HD. I can just download videos without having to capture them from a stream. Or, recently, I recorded some videos with my EVO 4G LTE and transfered them to my computer. But when I try to watch them on Linux, all I get is a pink screen in the player, and the sound from the video. When I watch them on a Windows computer, they play just fine.


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