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Thread: Upgrade your Precise based distro "X" and stay with Precise LTS

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    Re: Upgrade your Precise based distro "X" and stay with Precise LTS

    [QUOTE=critin;12355180]I'm not saying it can't be done, I am saying it shouldn't be done unless a user is comfortable with the system and is sure they can fix it when it goes wrong. Or if they don't care if their system breaks, some don't because testing is helpful over all.[/Quaote]

    It can be done. Period!
    You don't break your system, if you go wrong, but your installation in your free experimenting partition.

    Developer's teams have their own forum, brainstorming has their own forum. Testing is called 'Testing' so anyone who wants to test knows there may be consequences--and it has its own forum.
    If you have the Mint 14RC, check uname -a and notice the day of their download. Is it before the official release of Quantal or after?

    Bottom line is a user should be aware this is not the standard upgrade and they are being used as 'testers'.
    It is the standard way of upgrading. Check the date in uname -a of you r Mint 14Rc or Snowlinux "White" or any other Ubuntu-remix.

    Besides, who ever sticks with the same version for 5 years anyway? How boring!
    There are people, who need 5 year LTS. They cannot afford to re-install every few months.

    Look at the forums, users are upgrading to 12.10 before the ink got dry on 12.04. Many are raring to install 13.04. 6 months is too long.
    I am one of them! Read my other posts in this forum. I moved to Raring, even before they announced its availability in the repos. You'd find that in one of my posts.

    Its only a free partition, so why not "experiment?"
    All, I wanted to prove is that you don't need to download every "X"Ubuntu clone, but just change that developer's repo, or packages and update and dist-upgrade.

    Good day!
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