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Thread: Upgrade your Precise based distro "X" and stay with Precise LTS

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    Upgrade your Precise based distro "X" and stay with Precise LTS

    You have your Precise based 5 year LTS "X" distro, but you don't want to go the new "X" with the Quantal base with only less than 1.5 years already. Some of these "X" distros a spewing out "release candidates," "development releases" with the Quantal, long after Quantal was released--20 days ago.


    1) Mint 13 Maya to Nadia. There is no absolute need to wait for Mint 14 as the only things that change would be found in the Nadia repo. All you have to do is change one word in your sources list--Maya to Nadia--and update and upgrade your installation. What would you have? New Cinnamon or Mate with Precise 5 year LTS. If there is another new repo in the future, within this 5 year time, all you have to do is, change the name nadia to the new name and update/upgrade.

    2) Snowlinux "cream" to "white"; the same action as above, and you'd have "white" packages, but with the Precise 5 year LTS.

    3) Zorin OS - they are not changing their few (five?) "modifications" for few years, even though you can see the "updated" word in Launchpad. Anyway, those are pretty insignificant applications.

    4) Pinguy, Luninux, Pear, etc don't have their own repos or packages, so if the users of them likes to stay in the safety of 5 year LTS, thay can do that.

    Well, if you want to be in the Quantal,and feel the Quantal expereince, you can do that by downloading and installing the new "X" distros, only you won't have the 1.5 year Ubuntu support, because already 20 days had gone, and by the time the rest of "X" Quantal based distros would be released, there maybe only 17 months or less of that support.

    Controversial? Maybe...
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