For over a month now I've been doing almost all my work on this old laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and by and large it's been fine. Yesterday, I had to modify an image for a book cover. Hitherto, I would have used xv or inkscape, and I went looking to install xv. Google turned up zgv, so I installed that. Turns out it works directly with the graphics without X, and I lost control of my system temporarily. When I got back, I installed xzgv, but that turned out to be a viewer, without functionality to modify the images. Finally, I installed gimp, and got the job done, at the expense of a bit of a learning curve. It's a really fine piece of software, but almost does too much, and there was at least one obvious thing
I might have wanted to do that I couldn't see how to do. Since it didn't matter yesterday, I let it go after a quick read through the manual.

My question is: Next time I have to edit an image file, is there something I can install that looks a bit more like xv?