I tried to capture some tv show from my DVB-T receiver. The kaffeine does work's nicely.
But the recorded file is m2t type and with a lot of commercials.
So I try AviDemux 2.6.0 (r8273) in my ubuntu 12.04.
The cutting works nice. Well if I don't forget to align all cut's in I frame. But it's ok.
The problem is that I have standalone DVD/Player/recorder capable to play divx. But I can't produce the right one with avidemux. Is it possible at all?
the unit is LG RH265.

For now I can produce playable file only with mencorder with that settings:
mencoder test.m2t -o test.avi -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -ffourcc DX50

Is it possible to make same output with Avidemux to avoid double conversion?


It's really question for avidemux forum but I can't register as no new registration is accepted.