I bought one Huawei data internet usb stick.
I followed the linux installation guide from:

after I use pon as command I see no error. but I am unable to open any site I mean no internet.
One thing I doubt very much-in the tutorial in section 'manually selectmodem port', how to know the port my modem is on. I used ttyUSB_utps_modem, as recommended.. but I strongly feel its not correct. How to get exact name of the port where it is on?

One more thing.. I am going to use Airtel 3G, so I am not given any provider's id or password, but I see there in ppconfig it is necessary.

Now the other part, same dungol and same configuration machine, my friend inserted in his computer's usb, a dungol is detected from the right upper corner where the wireless/network icon show, but nothing is detected in my machine, Moreover, if I start a new mobile broadband connection I see no device.

One more thing.. if I do lsusb it shows one line:

Bus 002 Device 016: ID 12d1:14fe Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Please help me to connect to Internet.