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Thread: Nothing when boot up, including bios

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    Nothing when boot up, including bios

    Just wanted to see if anyone thinks I'm on the right track. I have a desktop that displays absolutely nothing but a black screen when I boot it up. I'm not even able to boot into a BIOS screen. I tried taking out the video card and using the on board one and it did the same thing. I had an extra graphics card sitting there so gave it a whirl. Same thing. My next thought is to get a new motherboard. Before I go and buy one I wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas.

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    Re: Nothing when boot up, including bios

    BIOS should come up before your OS boots. So if your not able to get to bios, its a good shot you have MB trouble.

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    Re: Nothing when boot up, including bios

    Motherboard issues are extremely common. You can look for "blown caps" on the board - google for "blown caps" to see examples of bad capacitors. Even if the capacitors aren't obviously blown, the board could still have failed.

    As a "hail mary" effort, I'd try this:
    - unplug power
    - remove the CMOS battery for about 2 minutes, then put it back
    - unseat all cards and re-seat them, including RAM
    - leave everything possible unplugged including the drives (except video card and probably one stick of RAM)

    It's also remotely possible the power supply is bad and not providing enough power to POST anymore (get past BIOS).

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    Re: Nothing when boot up, including bios

    if you are lucky it's only the mobo battery that has discharged. It happened to me a few times. It's quite frightening if you don't expect it, but luckily it's very simple and economic to solve.


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