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Thread: What's the bottleneck here (CPU usage)

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    What's the bottleneck here (CPU usage)

    I've resurrected an old computer and installed 12.04 on it, in hopes of using it to watch streaming videos with it.

    • Celeron cpu running at 2.6GHz,
    • 1MB of RAM, [Edit: 1GB of RAM]
    • 82865G integrated graphics controller,
    • the display is my HD TV and Ubuntu is driving it at 1920x1080 through the VGA port (I'm using a VGA > HDMI adaptor)

    It's choking on streaming videos, such as YouTube and national news shows.

    Even with the video in small-screen mode, htop reports the CPU running at 100%. In full screen mode, forget it -- too stuttery to watch.

    I tried FireFox and Chrome and get the same results.

    With the video paused I see 15% cpu usage. Memory usage is 450MB out of the available 1GB, so I don't think it's disk swapping causing the problem.

    Do I need a faster motherboard to watch full-screen videos?
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