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So if you guys are able to grt the Launcher rubbing, this means automatic updates? I've recently gotten back into Linux and installed 12.04 on another HDD in my Winbox. Are updates still a point of major contention, and will need to drag the updated Windows version across to Ubuntu?

Also, do oyu guys have problems with viewing your character on the map (when pressing 'M')? Are you able to preview your character when attempting to preview an item?
The Wow launcher / updater has been running on wine since at least mop launch. Make sure you are using latest version from the PPA if you are having problems.

The character preview and map problem is a Blizzard bug with opengl mode they refused to fix. There is a work around for the map by using an addon. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6712862205

Or you can take the performance hit and run using d3d9.