Hi there,

just installed KXStudio atop my Ubuntustudio 12.04 installation. Cadence is a quite comfortable tool.
Problem is, since the installation jack has problems registering the ports of my Echo Audiofire 4 firewire device:

ERROR: firewire MSG: Streaming thread running with Realtime scheduling, priority 93
ERROR: firewire MSG: Registering audio capture port firewire_pcm:001486ef9f398a52_Unknown_in
(same with the other ports)
ERROR: port_name "firewire_pcm:001486ef9f398a52_Unknown_in" already exists
ERROR: driver: cannot register port for firewire_pcm:001486ef9f398a52_Unknown_in
ERROR: Cannot attach audio driver
ERROR: JackServer::Open failed with -1
ERROR: Failed to open server
ERROR: Segmentation Fault!
I have not the faintest idea where this comes from. Perhaps the realtime scheduling is the clue?