So I have a dual-boot Thinkpad, with Vista and Ubuntu. I decided to re-install everything because Vista was getting messed up.

I installed Vista from disks provided. Okay so far. Have Vista running and also the ThinkVantage utilities that came with the Thinkpad.

Then, I went to "shrink partition"
I shrank the partition to give myself enough space to install Ubuntu in.
Then I gave the newly-created empty space a drive name. Maybe I should not have done that.

Then I took my Ubuntu install disk and ran it. It seems to have worked okay. Version 10-point-something because that's what I had lying around from last time.

Then I was bold and decided to run the updater to take it to 12.04 or whatever the current one is now. While it ran that, I saw various error messages about dependencies.

Then, it told me it was finished installing, and it said I had to reboot.
Grub came up, and I chose Ubuntu.
Instant error message saying I could not mount "/" and I could press S to skip, M to go into manual mode, or wait.

So what did it do? Install Ubuntu on a partition it now does not see? How far back do I have to re-wind the process in order to get Ubuntu going again? I hope I do not have to re-install Windows to have a clean start. Do I need to re-install Ubuntu or just find some esoteric way of telling where it is?