Hi All,

I've read all sorts of issues on 12.10 for folks with the 640M LE for example:

Link 1 -or- Link 2

I'm on 12.04 however. I have an acer Aspire TimelineU M5-481TG-6814. It has an integrated HD4000 which is running fine but I do not have the binary drivers for the 640m installed yet. I do not mind if the 640 is running full time this laptop will be riding the desk 90% of its life so switching not needed.

Some info:
- I'm on kernel 3.4 not the default 3.2 for some wifi drivers
- Additional drivers does not show the NVIDIA binary so I'll be installing using APT-GET or downloading the shell script from NVIDIA's site.

Anyone have any experiences with a similar piece of hardware? Any tips before I give this a go?

Thanks in advance!