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Thread: ubuntu 12.4 ati fglrx & cinnamon

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    ubuntu 12.4 ati fglrx & cinnamon

    Dell Latitude D600 Ubuntu 12.4 ati 12.10 driver fglrx & cinnamon do not mix
    installed ati 12.10 fglrx driver & cinnamon wouldn’t start only Unity & Gnome only. when logged into Cinnamon i got Gnome instead.
    Finally rebooted into low graphics mode did "sudo apt-get installer fglrx" on a Dell Latitude D600. . fixed by by "sudo apt-get installer fglrx" in cmd line. Removed ati binary driver.
    Originally started this because Graphical Glitches in Cinnamon especially in the menu & transparent menu background. have found no solution. i believe it is a Graphics driver not sure though
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