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Thread: Wrong keyboard layout

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    Re: Wrong keyboard layout

    Actually, that seems to have solved it! I added another keyboard, switched to it and removed the UK one, then switched back again and it seems to work now.

    Thanks very much for your help.

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    Re: Wrong keyboard layout

    I've just installed 12.04 with gnome on a new build with a UK keyboard plugged in via a PS2 - USB adapter.

    The layout shown is correct but the backslash and pipe key does not respond at all, unlike the other keys which light up the correct part of the layout.

    I tried xev but that does nothing when I type backslash.

    I know that the keyboard works because it is from my Milan.


    Ignore this. I have discovered that some of these cheap PS2 - USB adapters do not recognise the backslash key so it will never work.
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